What is DGCert

DGcert is the new flexible, secure, advantageous and easy-to-use solution that offers you all the technical support services you need to manage your residential, commercial or industrial properties through an e-commerce platform.

How it works

Buy DGcert service online using PC, smartphone, tablet and you will receive directly by e-mail the dossier containing all digitally signed documents valid for legal purposes from one of our qualified technicians.

Our team of professionals, with over 20 years experience in the real estate world, is supported by experienced staff active across the country.

At the end of the order you will receive an e-mail from our representative responsible for the management of your dossier, who will be at your disposal for any clarification.

In order to carry out the activities we need to send some documents by email: a signed proxy to be presented to the institutions; the deed to the property; etc. We will send you all the instructions at the preliminary stage and the forms you will give back signed.

As soon as we have received the necessary documents, you will receive a confirmation email and our representative will contact you to arrange the technical inspection of your property.

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Why choose DGcert

You will have many advantages in using DGcert services:

  • Easy and convenient order management
  • Affordability
  • Guaranteed results
  • Professional quality
  • Speedy delivery of results
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Services purchasable online 24/7
  • Delivery of digitally signed documentation via e-mail or cetified e-mail (CEM)
  • Newsletter updates on the real estate world

DGcert is a pratical system, which can be adapted to your needs. You can choose one or more specific services or a combination of the nine types we offer: you will achieve your goals in a quick, professional and safe way and with excellent value for money.

The DGcert services proposed on our website are based on standard requirements, but if you need personalized support, send us a request by contact form and we will send you an offer wich will match your expectations whilst ensuring professionalism, quality and efficiency of services. 

Available solutions 

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