DGcert Feasibility

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DGcert Feasibility is the service for technical-regulatory verification to uniquely identify the possible development solutions for a property.

You will receive the economic quantification of the project for the transformation or renovation to generate income from the real estate holdings and the right definition of the times and costs necessary for its construction. Carrying out a preliminary feasibility study is an intelligent choice that saves valuable time to avoid obstacles and problems during the project implementation phase.

DGcert Feasibility concerns homes and commercial properties, industrial and tourist structures with a surface area of ​​up to 400 m2 and identifies:

  • the functional, technical and economic characteristics of the construction projects;
  • the analysis of possible alternatives projects
  • the evaluation of the project concerning the building, urban, plant, environmental, structural, energy and architectural regulations
  • analysis of the current state and compatibility of the intervention with existing constraints (environmental, historical, archaeological, landscape, administrative, etc.)

If your property does not fall into the types listed above, send us your request by filling out the contact form and we will provide you with a personalized offer that you can buy online.

The DGcert Feasibility service includes:

  1. inspection by a qualified technician;
  2. verification of the compatibility of the project according to the building, urban planning and municipal urban planning rules;
  3. certificate of technical feasibility;
  4. preliminary design accompanied by plans, elevations, and sections;
  5. calculation of volumes in compliance with regulatory indices;
  6. project rendering;
  7. estimate metric calculation for the works, drawn up by a qualified technician according to the regional public works tariff;
  8. drafting terms of tendering;
  9. schedule of works;
  10. report for the definition of the bureaucratic procedure to be followed for the necessary authorizations;
  11. calculation of concession fees and technical charges;
  12. schedule of the bureaucratic process;
  13. summary of the economic framework containing the prospectus of tax discounts and the calculation of all costs and charges necessary to carry out the project.

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Once the order has been placed, one of our representatives, responsible for your paperwork, will send you an e-mail with the proxy form to be signed and the list of documents that you will need to provide us to proceed.

As soon as you send us the required documentation, we will send you a validation email of the documents and at the same time we will set up the inspection at your property and a meeting with an official of the Municipality.

Delivery time:

7 business days from the date of the technical inspection (see point 1.)

Delivery methods:

Once we have obtained the documentation requested and when the property inspection is done we will digitally sign and send all the paperwork to the e-mail or pec address indicated during the registration phase.

Necessary documentation:

To obtain the DGcert Feasibility is necessary that you have the plan of the current property signed by a qualified technician and the building permit completed with graphics, or if you have at least used the DGcert Home or  DGcert Commercial service which certifies the regularity of the property or identifies any urban and cadastral problems.

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