Some projects carried out by our management


The intervention involved 68 roadmen’s houses owned by ANAS S.p.a. located in the Province of Nuoro. On this occasion, our technicians carried out topographical, architectural and photographic surveys, and took care of finding the documentation and drawing up the Land Registry and Building Registry practices aimed at supporting the alienation of the properties.


The enhancement of the historic building “Castello Torre dei Calzolari” has seen engaged a multidisciplinary team for its transformation into a structure accommodation, used as a hotel, restaurant and location for events. Our director engineering oversaw the fire safety design and assessment file project, approved by the Command of the Fire Brigade of Perugia.


The project involved the enhancement of a prestigious house with an area of 200 square meters in Piazza di Spagna with the transformation into an accommodation facility.


Assistenza tecnica finalizzata alla dismissione dell’edificio con destinazione uffici sito in Via Cavour n. 5 e progettazione antincendio.    


The project monitoring activity was carried out by our engineering manager for the construction of the new building for commercial-tertiary use in Milan in the Isola district in Via de Castillia. The building consists of 14 floors above ground and 3 underground.


Our management provided consulting service on Fire safety design, fire prevention practice management, drafting of the metric estimate computation and safety coordination during the design and execution phase for the redevelopment and change of use to civilian housing of a building complex of three buildings of six floors each, formerly used as a Technical Institute.


For a ground-floor office building in Via Nanni Costa, our management carried out the update and review of fire safety through the engineering of active and passive protection and the drafting of the metric estimate computation and project evaluation file, for which a favorable opinion was obtained at the Bologna Fire Department Command.


The consultancy involved the Fire safety design and the drafting of the Project evaluation file for the office building at 2 Olona Street. The property was required to accommodate the wishes of a significant tenant who was committing only one floor of the building, so an increase in fire crowding was required.


Fire safety design and safety coordination during design and execution of fire retrofit works. The redevelopment involved a complex consisting of three buildings located in Rome on Via Morgagni, corner of Regina Margherita. The group of buildings, designed by architect Venturino Ventura and built in 1962, is under architectural constraint.


The intervention involved a ground-floor office building on Watt St, consisting of six above-ground floors, garage, and central heating plant. The following were carried out fire safety design, active and passive protection engineering and safety coordination during design and execution for retrofit works.


The retrofit project involved the sky-ground building consisting of three above-ground floors and a basement, located on the Salerno waterfront, formerly used as banking offices, that was transformed into high-end residential with a change of use.

Atena Lucana

Project management, architectural and structural design, fire safety design and management of fire prevention practices, coordination of safety during the design and execution phase, and works management are currently underway for the expansion of an industrial building intended for logistics activities in the municipality of Atena Lucana, in the province of Salerno.

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