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DGcert is the all-in-one new flexible, secure, advantageous and easy-to-use solution that offers you all the technical support services you need to manage your residential, commercial or industrial properties through an e-commerce platform.

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RE AD takes care of architectural, plant engineering, energy and structural planning, both definite and executive in the civil and industrial sector. We can offer a turnkey service for the construction of buildings and for renovation work.

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Safety and fire prevention

RE AD provides a consultancy service on safety and the implementation of fire prevention management systems for clients of all sizes, in the residential, industrial, commercial and tourism sectors.

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Building and installation maintenance

RE AD works alongside businesses in order to help them in the real estate management and to transform maintenance from a cost to competitive leverage and an opportunity to save money.

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Real estate development

Thanks to a wide range of services, RE AD provides the technical and management support in order to increase, enhance and develop real estate assets, from their acquisition to their selling, from the feasibility study to the due diligence.

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Building site management

RE AD takes care of the coordination, supervision and optimization of all the phases of the construction or restructuring process.

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