DGcert Commercial

1.290,00 VAT not inc.*
*The costs of the service do not include any eventual costs of administrative fees that should be paid to the administrative bodies.

DGcert Commercial is the certification service of the urban, cadastral, mortgage regularity of the property that allows you to make the buy and selling operations of your commercial property safe and fast, avoiding to run into problems and delays.

DGcert Commercial concerns non-residential properties such as industrial warehouses, accommodation, and tourist facilities, building land, offices, shops, with an area of ​​up to 400 square meters.

If your property does not fall into the types listed above, send us your request by filling out the contact form and we will provide you with a personalized offer that you can purchase online


The DGcert Commercial service includes:

  1. inspection by a qualified technician;
  2. architectural survey of the property;
  3. drafting of the current property plan signed by a qualified technician;
  4. photographic documentation signed by a qualified technician;
  5. cadastral plan released by the Territory Office of the Revenue Agency;
  6. Cadastral documents issued by the Revenue Agency;
  7. mortgage register search on the property;
  8. access request to the Municipality’s documents of the property
  9. certificate of cadastral conformity signed by a qualified technician;
  10. urban conformity certificate signed by a qualified technician;
  11. Certificate of outbuildings signed by a qualified technician;
  12. EPC (energy performance certificate) a mandatory document signed by a qualified technician with a presentation protocol that must be presented to the Region.


If the Public Administration offices do not provide us with the necessary documentation within DGcert’s delivery times, a partial dossier will be sent to you and we will take care of delivering the integration relating to the urban conformity certificate as soon as we obtain the documents from the Municipality.

The product images are inserted for illustrative purposes only.

When the order is concluded, one of our representatives responsible for your paperwork will send you an e-mail with the delegation of authority forms that have to be signed and the list of documents that you will need to provide us to proceed. As soon as we have received the requested documents, we will send you a confirmation e-mail and set up a date for the technical inspection of your property. If your Municipality of origin requests a payment of administrative charges to access the Acts, we will also send you the pre-filled bulletin to pay the charges to the Municipality in your name.
Delivery time:
4 business days from the technical inspection date and technical survey (see point 1 and 2)
Delivery methods:
Once we have obtained the documentation requested and when the property inspection is done we will digitally sign and send all the paperwork to the e-mail or pec address indicated during the registration phase.
In an adverse scenario where during a technical inspection we will find critical issues of the property, everything will be indicated in a DGcert’s accompanying document and we will offer you the quickest and cheapest technical solution to the problems encountered making an additional purchase.

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