RE AD S.r.l. is an engineering company made up of a team of professionals and consultants who have been involved in design and technical services for more than twenty years and who have collaborated on projects and activities in the most diverse sectors of the real estate world.

The lean and flexible structure of our organization is able to manage each project in a complete and fast way, ensuring a highly qualified personalized service.

We believe in the opportunities that new technologies offer and we choose to invest in their use to create innovative tools and services for our interlocutors.

Our approach is always oriented toward the customer, his needs and the working relationship that is established in the development of each project.

We are aware that our company and our projects are carried out by people, that’s why we invest every year in our team training and updating, to always ensure a qualified contribution to projects and the continuous growth of human capital.

Convinced of the importance and need to demonstrate and document to our customers that we are able to continuously provide products and services that comply with the specific requests, we have considered it essential to adopt a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015. We have adopted and applied the principles of this standard which aims at improving the overall performance of the organization and constitutes a solid basis for the sustainable development of our company.

The core principles are focus on the customer, active participation of people,  process approach, continuous improvement, evidence-based decision making and relationship management.

The process approach involves the systematic definition and definition of processes and their interactions, in order to achieve the expected results. The management of the system’s processes as a whole are carried out using the PDCA cycle with a general orientation to risk based thinking, aimed at seizing opportunities and preventing unwanted results.

Continuous improvement is a topic that we really care, so much so that we have made it a corporate philosophy.

The structure of the Management System is supported by a Quality Business Model, while the analysis of the context in which we operate has been carried out using the Canvas methodology and risk analysis through SWOT Analysis.

Through the use of innovative tools for a state-of-the-art Management System, we guarantee the standards imposed by the mandatory regulations and set new goals every year to give our customers a high standard of service in order to ensure their maximum satisfaction.

For the year 2021, the leadership has established the following goals, among others:

– Expansion of the staff and company infrastructure;

– Staff training in Project BIM management and eco-sustainable design

– Opening of an additional operational office in Italy

Further objectives are reported in the document “Management System objectives” and in the document “Environmental impact assessment“.

Date: 27.11.2020                               Top Management




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