We take care of architectural, plant engineering, energy and structural planning, both definite and executive in the civil and industrial sector.

We can offer a turnkey solution for the construction of buildings and for renovation work from design to delivery:

  • Development work of new buildings
  • Restyling of existing buildings and re-design of workspace – smart working
  • Acquisition of opinions and authorisations from the responsible institutions
  • Coordination and integration of specialist executive projects (architectural, structural, energy, plant engineering, etc.)
  • Predisposition of executive rough calculations, tendering process and procurement contract
  • Assistance in the choice of suppliers and in carrying out tender procedures
  • Works management, accounting of works, state of the work, certificate of regular execution, testing, etc.
  • Surveys
  • Metric surveys and graphic restitution (dwg, bim, etc.)
  • Plant surveys, preparation of drawings of existing plants (asbuilt, piping, 3d modeling, etc.)
  • Structural serveys, mechanical characterisation of materials, evaluation of seismic vulnerability
  • Land register papers (pilings, subdivisions, maps, transfers, succession, etc).
  • Practices for administrative municipal procedures: building permit, Certified Report of the Beginning┬á of the Activity, Notice of Commencement of Work, Certificate of Occupancy, etc.
  • One Stop Shop for Productive Activities (OSS)

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