Safety and fire prevention

We provide business support for safety-related regulatory activities  and for the implementation of Fire Safety Management Systems. We serve clients of all sizes, in the residential, industrial, commercial and tourism sectors.

Occupational Safety

We carry out activities to support the Prevention and Protection Service  by focusing on:

  • Development of Document on Risk Assessment
  • Sampling and reliefs (sound level meter, dust and chemicals measurement, emissions in atmosphere analysis, etc.
  • management of problems arising from inspection by control entities.
  • Assistance to businesses in the event of ASL audits or of inspections of the representatives of the territorial workers for the Safety

Through professionals, we assume the role of RSPP (Prevention and Protection Service Manager) in all production and service sectors. In cases where this role is carried out by the employer or an internal figure in the company, we provide consultancy alongside the designated person by assisting his or her activity to ensure constant updating on Safety issues.

Thanks to our partners, we support companies on the path of Safety training and information to company employees, including through the implementation of Corporate communication projects on the topic of improving safety culture.

Safety on temporary and mobile sites

In any place where construction work, demolition and maintenance are carried out, the Legislative Decree 81/2008 and s.m.i. requires the designation of professional figures who are able to guarantee the safety of work procedures and the prevention and protection measures in order to reduce risks for workers.
Starting from the client up to the executing companies, all the figures involved have specific obligations and provisions to which they must comply.
The technical staff of RE AD S.r.l. consists of security specialists able to guarantee the correct execution of  works and the respect of the safety regulations at work in temporary and mobile construction sites:

  • Assumption of the role of Project Supervisor
  • Safety coordination in the design phase and safety coordination in the execution of the work phase
  • Elaboration of safety and coordination plans (PSC) and of the project technical file (FTO)
  • Elaboration of the Operational Safety Plan (OSP) and of the Assembly Instructions for use and dismantling of scaffolding plan (PIMUS) on behalf of the building contractors.
  • Training and information for entrepreneurs and workers on compliance, security measures and practices in temporary and mobile construction sites.
  • Management of relationships with institutions

Fire prevention 

We have years of experience in fire prevention and implementation of fire safety management systems, thanks to the implementation of complex projects acress the country. We work alongside companies in order to find the most suitable solution for their needs:

  • Project exam- drafting the fire prevention project in compliance with the fire prevention rules to be drawn up by all the activities in category B and C
  • Feasibility authorization- to be requered in case of particularly complex projects
  • Checks in progress- technical visits to be obtained from the Fire Brigade in the intermediate stages
  • presentation of the fire-fighting SCIA – file signed by a qualified technician in accordance with the Law of the State 07/12/1984 n. 818, containing assurances and certifications;
  • Obtaining and periodic renewal of the Fire Safety Certificate – it certifies the maintenance of the fire production requirements following the verification of all the fire safety measures present in the complex, on the basis of the first authorization act presented and of all the SCIAs that subsequently intervened
  • Drafting evacuation plan and organization of evacuation tests
  • Staff training as provided for in Annex IX of the Ministerial Decree 10/03/98
  • Organization of active fire fighting security services

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