The DGcert Design and Renovation “Turnkey”

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*The cost of the service does not include any eventual cost of administrative rights that should be paid to the administrative bodies, the costs of the renovation, the necessary materials needed for the construction, and the furnishings items are excluded.

DGcert Design and Renovation “Turnkey” is an innovative tool that helps you to create your home projects based on your needs without stress and worries  with an excellent quality/price ratio:

  • It guarantees you the choice of solutions for the building renovation and decoration based on the design you want;
  • It ensures you the correct bureaucratic and administrative procedure to not running into unpleasant surprises due to delays and obstacles that may occur due to omissions or errors;
  • It allows you to have easy access to tax discounts and facilities by following the bureaucratic procedure correctly step by step
  • It guarantees you the estimated time and cost based on the restructuring agreement;
  • It warns you of possible mistakes made by the companies or other suppliers thanks to constant monitoring of the activities and thanks to interlocutors who guarantee that the work is carried out excellently, certified with the release of the necessary declarations of conformity and insurance. Furthermore, all the supplies of materials and furniture will always be checked before laying;
  • You can also explore and verify the project any time thanks to the 3D Virtual Tour that allows you to view all the spaces completed with the furnishings you have chosen in each room.

DGcert Design and  Renovation “Turnkey”  is about the architectural design of homes with a surface area  ​​up to 200 m2 and commercial properties such as shops, offices, tourist structures, with an area ​​up to 400 m2. Projections and works that are not architectural such as fire protection design, structural design, etc. are excluded.

If your property does not fall into the types listed above or if you have specific needs, send us your request by filling out the contact form and we will provide you with a personalized offer that you can buy online.

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The DGcert Design and Renovation “Turnkey” service includes:

  1. architectural and furnishing project based on your wishes, drawn up by qualified professionals
  2. 3D rendering and virtual tour of the project
  3. materials and products specifications
  4. procurement documents for the choice of the Company
  5. drew up plans, elevations, sections and technical details of the works
  6. Plant’s working drawings
  7. coordination of construction site activities
  8. collection of technical sheets, maintenance plan, collection of declarations of conformity at the end of the works
  9. administrative practices
  10. authorization request from other institutions
  11. cadastral practice
  12. Certificate of use and occupancy (SCA)

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Phase 1 – When service purchase is made one of our technicians will take charge of your order and send you an e-mail requesting the documents that you will need to provide us to proceed. The person responsible for your paperwork will be available for clarification throughout the duration of the service. As soon as we have received all the requested documents, we will send you the confirmation and validation e-mail.

Phase 2 – As soon as the validation of the documents has been completed, you will receive the architectural project,(see points 1 and 2), consisting of plans, elevations, sections, and the 3D virtual tour together with a form to fill up in case changes are requested and your feedback.

Phase 3 – When we receive your feedback and the request of changes, we will send you the final architectural project, the specifications of the materials and products, the documents for the tender procedure aimed to choose the company, the executive project of the major facilities and the nomination of a Works Manager and Safety Coordinator.

Phase 4 – As soon as the construction company is selected we should receive their documents. We will send you the list of necessary documents that the company must send us. Once we obtain the requested documentation, you will receive the administrative file that needs to be signed and sent back to us via email, the bulletin of the charges that need to be paid to the local institutions, preparatory documents for starting the work.

Phase 5 – When starting the construction site, one of our qualified technicians will carry out a periodic inspection – based on the specifics of the construction site – to verify the correct execution of the works and compliance with the times and safety on the construction site. About every 20 days we will issue a Progress Report (SAL) Document and payment certificates. Therefore you will be able to have control over the adequacy of the payments made to the company and we will also provide you with the instructions to be able to benefit from all the tax relief.

Phase 6 – At the end of the renovation works, the company will provide the certificate of regular execution and we will draw up the closure procedures and request for accessibility. We will take care of the collection of declarations of conformity by the executing company and we will prepare the cadastral updated file to be sent to the Internal Revenue Agency.

Delivery time:

10 business days for the documentation relating to each of the phases indicated above, starting from the date you receive our confirmation e-mail.

Delivery methods:

The documentation is digitally signed and sent to the e-mail or pec address indicated during registration.

Necessary documentation:

To draw up the DGcert Design and Renovation, you must have a floor plan of the current state of the property and the building permit completed with graphics. If you do not have these documentations, you can purchase the  DGcert Home or DGcert Commercial service, which certifies the regularity of the property or identifies any critical issues from an urban and cadastral profile, and the DGcert Feasibility 

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