Building and installation maintenance

We work alongside businesses in order to help them in the real estate management and to transform maintenance from a cost to competitive leverage and an opportunity to save money.

Maintenance costs weigh heavily on small and medium businesses and, in addition to the costs of maintenance work, businesses have to bear the cost for the hours spent in document management activities and coordination of technical service.

These costs are often underestimated or inadequately managed if companies do not have the competent corporate function. (asset; facility manager).

We have respondend to these critical issues by acting as good practices incubators and providing an instrument to improve the economic performance.

We propose ourselves as the only interlocutor for all the regulatory and maintenance compliance related to the property management.

A Cloud-based service designed by us provides an intuitive instrument, not onerous and adaptable to different contexts such as Corporate Building, Retail e GDO, Industries  and Logistics, Hotel.

But the main innovation is our management model since it adapts the know-how of the construction management, consolidated in big companies, to the operational peculiarities of SMEs.

Thanks to the examination of the structure and to the perfect synergy between all the technical, capital and administrative activities, we optimize the profitability of the real estate assets by identifying the areas of intervention and the possible room for improvement.

The offer of services we provide can be divited into 2 areas:

management of the assets and facilities contained therein

– design and project management  of improvements aimed to accompany the client in an plant and building adaptation path and of innovation in construction management, also through the implementation of specific digital transformation processes.

–   For this purpose we use the BIM in order to reconstruct models “as built” and we innovate maintenance processes by creating a virtual control room.

In addition to advisory services, if you request, Re-Ad is able to provide technical figures to delegate responsabilities required by  the current legislation on:

  • protection of the workers’ Safety and Health, with the possibility of taking the role of Prevention and Protection Service Manager (RSPP) and in case of works contracts, of project manager.
  •  data protection and data security with the role of data protection officer (DPO)
  • operation and maintenance of plants, with the role of third party responsible
  • EC type examination on machinery under Directive 2006/42/EC

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