DGcert Real estate Business Plan

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DGcert Real Estate Business Plan accurately analyzes and documents the feasibility and convenience of a real estate investment.

DGcert Real Estate Business Plan guarantees you professional feedback on the operation you intend to do, taking into account the economic and financial sustainability profile, profitability, and technical feasibility. This type of analysis is essential to be able to make significant real estate investments and have access to loans.

Thanks to DGcert Real Estate Business Plan you can effectively present your project to lenders and credit institutions through a professional and complete document dossier.

DGcert Business Plan Immobiliare concerns commercial, industrial, and tourist properties with a surface area of ​​up to 400 m2.

If your property does not fall into the types listed above, send us your request by filling out the contact form and we will provide you with a personalized offer that you can buy online.


The DGcert Real Estate Business Plan service includes:

  1. study of the real estate context;
  2. analysis of the project idea and the ability of the project to produce a future income;
  3. project timetable and estimate of the profitability entry of the operation;
  4. estimate of the market value ex-ante and ex-post perspective;
  5. review or drafting of the estimate metric calculation;
  6. economic and financial plan relating to the real estate project.

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Once the order has been placed, one of our representatives, responsible for your paperwork, will send you an e-mail with the delegation form to be signed and the list of documents that you will need to provide us to proceed.

As soon as we have received all the requested documents, we will send you the confirmation and validation e-mail.

Delivery time:

7 business days from the date we send our confirmation and validation e-mail.

Delivery methods:

Once we have obtained the documentation requested and when the property inspection is done we will digitally sign and send all the paperwork to the e-mail or pec address indicated during the registration phase.

Necessary documentation:

To obtain the DGcert Real Estate Business Plan is necessary that you have the plan of the property, the building permits complete with graphs, the project with the estimate metric calculation completed with graphs and economic framework, and the evaluation of the current state of the property. If you do not have this documentation, you can purchase the DGcert Home or DGcert Commercial service, the DGcert Feasibility, and the DGcert Evaluation to integrate the service.

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